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:: 5 Tips to successfully clear the Microsoft certification

When we think of computers, we think of Microsoft. Looking at its market share and the numerous products it develops that powers almost 70% of the devices across the globe, we can truly say that it owns the industry.

Microsoft Corporation has numerous products that power the industries and everything around us ranging from Microsoft windows that is the main operating system around the globe, Microsoft office which powers almost all the office work around the world, Microsoft Internet explorer which is the browser that powered the internet for generations and still doing till date and others. Microsoft is developing a lot of certification programs on their products so as to ensure that the people using them are skilled enough to handle them.

At the heart of Microsoft Cloud OS vision is Windows Server 2016. It brings Microsoft’s experience delivering global scale cloud services into your infrastructure with new features and enhancements in virtualization, management, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information.

Windows Server 2016 certification qualifies you for a position as a network or computer systems administrator or as a computer network specialist and is the stepping stone to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)



Be realistic while constructing your study plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself and study all day and night. Take breaks in between and once in a while take a day off. This will keep your mind fresh and stress free. However, don’t go too easy on yourself, otherwise you’ll still be studying for the same exam a year later. Ensure you get everything covered. Take time on each topic to get the information down properly. Make sure to fit in the revision stages. Review each studied topic before studying a new one. It helps maintain the information you’ve already learned. Set deadlines for yourself. Without a goal in mind, you’ll end up being sloppy and never complete anything significant until you have a constant pressure to get the job done.


It is absolutely crucial to find good books and notes that have less bogus time wasting and page filling content and actual stuff that you’ll need in your exam. It is natural to consider cheaper sources considering the price of books, practice labs, practice materials and the cost of the exam itself. But remember this is an investment that you are doing for your future. Cutting corners will only do your harm than good. Stay away from ‘brain dumps’. These are resources donated by someone who has actually appeared in the exam and who then tries to relay all the information on websites for other people’s consumption. The content is usually inaccurate and not that useful. The submission and use of this information is illegal under the Microsoft certifications program’s non-disclosure agreement.


Inclusion of a lab environment for hands-on practice is essential. There are a lot of simulation based questions in the exam, so if you haven’t had the hands on practice prior to sitting in the exam, your chances of making errors increases manifold. Many of the manuals don’t cover everything and depend on you to dig deep and find out for yourselves. And that’s what you have do in the real world. Making notes from books and other resources should be a key ingredient if your preparation. Break down the topics into small portions which makes them easier to review in the long run. Repeating the topics from your own handwritten notes again and again imprints the knowledge in your mind. You remember it not to pass your exam but for when you are out in the field or consulting on a project.


Time management can make or break your exam. You could be the guy knowing everything but lack of time management can make the guy knowing less than you but efficient in managing his time ace the exam. When you get the question paper, do a quick assessment of it, see what questions you can answer in one go and those that’ll take time. Skip the question, don’t waste time on it. Return to it if time permits. Yes, the exams are hard but if you keep stressing out about it, then you’ll likely commit mistakes that you wouldn’t make if you had a calm and composed mind. It’s okay to miss a question, it’s okay to have no clue about what the question is about, it’s okay to guess but it’s not OK to be sloppy.


There are multiple ways of approaching a problem but in the examination, the Microsoft way is the right way. You may already be an expert in the topic knowing all the shortcuts and tips and tricks, but when it comes to examinations, follow the procedure given in the textbooks as that is what is going to be evaluated.

There are many certified Microsoft certification training centers in India, but if you want something rock solid and proven, then CMS talent development is the right place for you. We provide several Microsoft training courses which total to a duration of 114 hours and which are taught by globally certified and skilled technical trainers. Our excellent courseware which is as per the course curriculum prescribed by Microsoft prepares the candidate to pass the global certification MCSA exam. On top of that we also provide job assistance on course completion.

With over 800000 plus placements, 50 plus training centers, 50 plus courses and 100 plus expert faculty, think Microsoft certification training, think CMS talent development.


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