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::PHP Scripting for creating a dynamic landing page

Having a great dynamic landing page can have a huge impact for your website. Those who have mastered the landing page and create landing pages for each and every one of their products or services see the best conversion rates, increased traffic, increased ad ranking and visibility, increased quality score and thus generate more sales.

Though landing pages are only used for paid traffic and targeting search queries through PPC, users can go to other pages of your website from the dynamic landing page.

Several services now offer to create custom dynamic landing pages but knowing your way around coding programs such as PHP goes a long way.

What are dynamic landing pages?

They are landing pages that show different messaging to different users based on certain aspects of their behavior. It also makes use of dynamic keyword insertion to increase relevance of page’s copy depending on user’s search query. It also takes in to account whether the individual is already a customer or not.

Using PHP or hypertext pre-processor one can make highly customized dynamic landing pages easily. PHP is server end scripting language which has been designed mainly for web development but holds usage as a general programming language as well.

The beauty of PHP code is that it can easily be integrated and mixed with the traditional HTML code and can also be used in combination with various other templating engines and web frameworks. A PHP interpreter is used to process the code and is then implemented with the native module of the web server or through a common gateway interface.

Steps to create a dynamic landing page using PHP scripting:

1. Using google adwords, create ad group for each group of keywords- for ex. Ad group “Learn PHP” will have variations like: “learn php”, “php certification”, “php training institute” etc.

2. Point each ad to the corresponding URL depending on the keyword -


3. Include the code in your landing page where “$1” is the title of the page.

" switch ($_GET ['name']) {

     case "used_cars":

       $h1 = "Buy Used Cars";


     case "second_hand_cars":

       $h1 = "Buy Second Hand Cars";



echo $h1;”

CMS Talent Development is one of the top php training institute of the country. The “PHP Web Programming” course is provided at all the centers pan India. This php course in Mumbai covers all the important topics from introduction to php to decision and lopp function, database connectivity with MySql, string array state management and a lot more.

With CMS Talent Development not only you are getting industry standard course curriculum and high quality study material but also placement assistance post training completion. We only recruit experience and skilled trainers that helps you become a confident and successful php web developer.


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