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::Why Should You Learn Python? As Your Next or First Programming Language

Professional programmers or students or beginners, anyone interested in programming or software development needs to have the knowledge of working with several languages under their belt. So, when it comes to choosing the next language to learn or which language to begin with, the answer would be Python. For all the “Why” that might arise, here we list down why you should get a Python programming certification, no matter what your expertise level might be.

1. Great for beginners: Python syntax are very easy to learn and the codes are almost readable. This makes it a great language choice for beginners who don’t want to toil over low level and considerably more complex languages.

2. Practically useful: While it is a great language to enter the world of programming with, it does not make it a language meant for basic use. Python is used for a vast variety of purposes including, but not limited to web development, desktop application and can even be converted into binary code like java. It is growing in popularity in the field of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

3. Diversify your CV: As mentioned earlier, learning several languages is almost mandatory to make yourself marketable these days. If you are a skilled programmer with C, C++ or Java already mastered, learning Python will be a piece of cake but will make a lot of difference on your Resume. On the other hand, if you are just venturing into programming, learning Python will give you a strong foundation which will make it easier for you to get on with other major languages.

4. Quick to code: Python is a very agile language and with it, you can do in minutes what most other languages take hours to accomplish. Various Python frameworks like Django, modules, libraries and tool kits available, all of which greatly simplifies the development process of any project.

5. Widely supported: Programs developed using Python are supported across many platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It also has a wide range of applications so you can find a use for Python no matter which kind of project you are working on.

Apart from the above mentioned five, Python has several other perks like:

       1. It is an object oriented programming language.

       2. It is very safe and finds wide usage in cyber security applications.

       3. It is an open source language with many pre made binaries freely available.

Python is a language that is quickly gaining popularity in the cyberspace and to keep yourself, and your CV, future ready, it is almost imperative to take up a Python Certification Course.


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