A world class curriculum developed by CMS in close partnership with technology leaders like Microsoft, Red Hat & Oracle. The programmes we offer are designed by our team of experts, based on the global industry requirements.



One of the best placement records in the industry, we help our students gain a foothold in IT industry. The top names in the IT sector recognizes CMS students for their technical prowess and 80% of our students work with top IT recruiters and market leaders.



We deliver On-Job training to students and help them develop industry-ready practical skills, which is extremely critical to get good jobs. Our training centres open doors to myriad opportunities in an ever growing IT industry.



At CMS our aim is to bring global expertise and world class knowledge to you in the most cost effective manner. With a strong nation wide network of training centers, we work hard to bring down the cost of training.


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:: Mastering C Programming Certification Course

“C” language was developed in 1972, by an American technocrat named Dennis Ritchie. He used the “C” language to re-write the UNIX Operating System. “C” language is a De-facto standard in Linux operating System. There are many different “C” compliers available for Windows and Mac Operating Systems

Since “C” Language has many low level and high level features, it is better known as a middle level language. The power of “C” language can be understood by knowing the fact that the UNIX Operating System’s kernel was written in “C” language. “C” can be used in different applications such as compiler writing, Consumer electronics (Embedded programming), business applications such as an accounting system or inventory management system, games, various components in OS or even micro controller programming for communication or network devices.

ProgramHours Topics covered
Mastering C 60 Programming Fundamentals with Algorithm & flow-charts, Key-words and variables in "C" language, Decision making if, Switch() and Conditional operators, Loop Structures, Functions, recursive functions, Arrays, structures and unions, pointer arithmetic, dynamic memory allocation, file I-O, Pre-processor directives

:: Benefits @ CMS Talent Development Center

  • Industry Standard Curriculum.
  • Skilled and Experienced Trainers.
  • Sufficient LAB Time.
  • High Quality study material.
  • Placement Assistance Post Course Completion.

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CMSIT Talent Development Center (TDC) is the Information Technology training division founded in 1993 and associated with Trinity Academy for Corporate Training Limited (TACT Ltd.). With 25 years of track record, we are ranked among the best hardware, networking, and software training institute in the country.

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